Why I started a blog

Hi everyone, my name is Miloš and I am a silent developer.

Or rather, I was.
I have always been reading anything and everything programming related I stumble upon. But I never felt the need to get out there and contribute something publically.
The technology stack I worked on was always enterprise-y, and I felt like a “corporate employee”, blogs, talks and tutorials were extremely useful and entertaining, but it never felt like something I can or should take part in. I was as excited about new fancy web techology and laptops filled with stickers as the next guy, but sort of stood on the sidelines and watched the whole thing.

About a year ago I challenged myself to redefine who I am as a software developer. I discovered that I really enjoy working with and learning about a wide range of different technologies, so I started to get into the stuff I was most “falling behind on” - modern web development technologies, tools, frameworks.

The journey is still ongoing, but so far it’s going well. I have gained huge respect and much love for stuff I couldn’t imagine myself using. Like Vue, Laravel (and PHP in general).
I have also switched my main dev machine to a mac book pro and have come to adore the terminal and everything I can accomplish with a few keypresses in Oh My Zsh!

But let’s face it, the primary reason I finally made myself start a blog was - I stumbled upon free domains and had resources available in a digital ocean droplet I use for other stuff.
So here we are, my blog.

Now let the months-and-years-without-a-new-post start, culminating with a domain expiry. Unless I kill off the digital ocean droplet first :)