Hi, I'm Allison.

I’m an independent information professional. That’s not a common job description, so let me explain a little further…


When I graduated college, I found myself in the same boat that many new grads do: no idea what to do next and jobless. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I knew I loved writing and graphic design, but I took an “in the meantime” job at my local library that opened an entirely new path. Being surrounded by any piece of information I could possibly ever want was deeply inspirational to me. I loved the flow between the source (documents), the conduits (librarians) and the end users (patrons), and I decided I needed to learn more about that.

Two graduate degrees in library and information science and a decade later, connecting the right information to the needs of any given audience is still my passion. I love education in all its forms: peer to peer, business to business, organization to community, teacher to student. I believe in the power of stories, particularly true stories, to motivate, educate and enlighten.

Never one to be constrained by cubbyholes and boxes, I have steadfastly maintained my generalist ideals in a specialist world. That means I can be a researcher who explains results in a clear, concise manner. I can craft snappy copy backed up by hard-hitting facts. Or I can choose a beautiful layout, colors and images to make the content shine. A decade of project management experience ensures your projects will finish on time and within budget.

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